Consulting Services

For more than a decade, AMG has helped customers just like you one project at a time.
Although our specialty is full service and turn-key management, we have had tremendous success working with our clients in a consulting capacity as well.

These consulting services know no limits. For many of our clients, a full service program may not be practical . In those cases, AMG can offer our services on an hourly or per project basis; helping them get the exact services they need. Some of these additional projects have included:

  • General Contracting, Renovation, and Construction
  • ACC & Code Compliance Matters
  • Risk Management and Emergency Action Programs
  • Newsletters, Web Sites and Social Media Sites
  • Title Research, Database Management and Updates
  • Request for Proposals and Bid Management
  • Real Estate and Administrative Service

You may not need everything AMG can provide; but for us, being able to share with you a portion of our knowledge and experience is just another way we can exceed your expectations of service. Contact us today at 888-890-9938 to learn more about how AMG can
help you tackle your project; big or small.

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