Accounting Services

At AMG, our Accounting and Financial Package will provide you the level of service you need to keep your books in order and your costs in check. From helping you develop and execute your budget and yearly spending, to advising you on long term planning and capital improvements; we stand ready to cross every “T” and dot every “I”. Our Accounting and Financial program includes:

• Dedicated full time service team, and no charge call support
• Owner data base updating and maintenance
• Mail collection services
• Invoice management and monthly bill payment
• Annual budget preparations
• Full banking, accounting and financial service
• Written Monthly reports, statements and invoice copies
• Annual issuance of assessments, fees, and other costs to members
• Collection and deposit of assessments and fees,
• Assistance with collections of delinquent accounts
• AMG web site access for resident use and online bill payment
• Year end tax preparation and compliance assistance
• Long term documents storage
• Access to AMG repair services & 24 hour emergency call system
Contact AMG now at 888-890-9938, or use our online systems to obtain a quote today. Let us show you how we can keep you on track, and on target to meet your financial needs.

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